Brew tips and recipes

Here you'll find tips and recipes to make a great cup of coffee at home, every time. Try them out and make adjustments to fit your tastes.

Key Recommendations


Getting an even grind for your beans can greatly effect the quality of cup that is brewed. See below for more on grind levels and grinder technology.


This seems meticulous but its easy to get the hang of. Weighing out your coffee beans and water to keep a conistant ratio is key to brewing a delicious cup every day.


When ground beans first get wet, they release a burst of carbon dioxide - called the 'bloom'. Letting the beans do this release for 30-45 seconds also can really improve your cup!


Which brewer you use can be very personal, but sometimes different brewers aid different beans to shine. When exploring coffees, consider the brew method as well!

Tips & Recipes

Manual Pour Over

A pour over brew is a classic, and simple way to brew a delicious cup of coffee. The key elements that really make this cup stand out are: fresh beans, freshly ground, and pour method. We recommend starting with a 1:15 ratio - so for one cup that would be 20g of ground coffee and 300 g of water. You can adjust this based on your taste, and the coffee.


1. While you heat up your water to 200-205 F, weigh out your beans and grind to [MEDIUM FINE].

2. Pre wet the filter, and pre heat your mug/caraffe with some of the hot water.

3. First pour around 1/6th of total water to wet the beans and allow them to bloom. (50g for a single serving) Fresh beans will bubble more prominately). Bloom for about 30-45 seconds.

4. Second pour, in a spiral motion pour about 1/2of the remaining water, let that brew. (150g for a single serving)

5. Last pour, finish the water once enough of the previous pour has filtered through, being careful to not let the grounds sit without water too long.

Target total brew time: 3-4min.

RECIPE: Birhanu's Ethiopia

Grind level: 10
Ratio: 1:15

French Press

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Lilly's Guatemala

Grind level: 25

Ratio: 1:12

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AMUCC's Colombia




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Grind guide



BREWER: French press, cold brew



BREWER: Pour-over, auto-drip



BREWER: Espresso, biletti,

Not all grinders are made equal

The goal of grinding coffee is to break down the coffee into smaller sizes depending on how you plan to brew. There are two main types of grinders for coffee.

Blade grinders are probably the most popular. They are small and inexpensive. They consist of a blade spinning around to 'chop' up the beans. They are great to have around so you can freshly brew your coffee, but they don't offer uniform shape in ground beans, or control over how fine the grind.

Burr grinders are the standard for coffee professional and enthusiasts. They actually 'grind' the coffee into pretty uniform shapes and sizes. They are more expensive, but there are options at a lower pricepoint. You'll get exeptional control to grind for your brew method.