Zero-Waste Coffee Club

The mission behind the Zero-Waste Coffee Club is to deliver high-quality coffee to your door minus the packaging waste. Most specialty coffee available comes in plastic packaging of some sort. We want to cut down on that waste, while offering quality coffee access to anyone across the U.S.


less than 9% of plastic is recycled

Simply put, most of the plastic we "recycle" is not being recycled. There are many reasons for this, but the bottom line is — we need to cut down our plastic use and waste. Consumers need better options.

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quality coffee, delivered

In order to provide quality coffee to as many people as possible, we offer club membership to anyone in the U.S.

supporting female farmers

All coffee is sourced by women farmers to support equity AND promote resilience. Learn more about the farmers who produce our delicious coffees.


no plastic, no waste

Our coffee delivery system intentionally uses no plastic and no waste. You receive your coffee, then return the packaging to us to be used again!

What's in the cost

60% coffee

The goods! Roasted to order so you'll always get it fresh

10% packaging

Reusable pouches, mailer bags, and delivery bags

10% labor

Cleaning pouches, refilling, and tracking

20% shipping

Deliveries and bag returns (via USPS to use existing routes and emissions)

How it works


Select how much coffee you'll want to get each month. Then, select if you'd like a new Airscape coffee storage canister or if you'd prefer to use your own container.


Each month you'll receive your coffee. Simply refill your coffee canister.


Repeat! It's that easy. Enjoy freshly roasted coffee each month, without the waste. Need to delay or skip a delivery due to travel? No problem! Adjust in your account settings. Any questions? Just reach out!

Membership options

1 pound every 4 weeks

Starting at $23 + $10 shipping
(shipping includes return label)

2 pounds every 4 weeks

Starting at $43 + $10 shipping
(shipping includes return label)

3 pounds every 4 weeks

Starting at $63 + $10 shipping
(shipping includes return label)

Let's do it!

Club members can cancel at any time, adjust order deliveries, and add items to the next delivery.

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Frequently asked questions

We want to ship you fresh coffee. We currently roast every 2 weeks. Once your order is placed, it will be scheduled to roast on the next roast date. You will get an email notification for when to expect your coffee!

Once you receive your coffee, simply refill your own coffee storage container. Then, return the coffee bag to the mailer pouch, zip up and secure, and flip the mailing label over – the return address will be on the back. Send via USPS by giving to your mailer person, drop off at a blue bin, or drop off at a USPS location. All shipping is prepaid.

Yes. Once you've signed up, you can adjust details of your subscription, including adding in one-time purchases. Simply select "Manage Subscription" in your member portal.

No! All shipping is prepaid and included in the flat shipping rate price.

What members are saying

"What is my favorite day of the month/week?? Swelter Zero Waste Coffee Club delivery day!! The coffee is amazing, I get to support women near and far, I feel good about reducing my carbon impact, and the roast is perfect."

– KRISTI, El Cerrito CA

"I signed up for a Swelter Coffee subscription because the coffee is delicious and I really believe in the company's commitment to the farmer. Returning the shipping material is easy... I highly recommend this subscription for anybody who is thinking about the whole footprint of their coffee consumption from the farmer to the cup."

– CARRIE, Burlington VT

"Swelter coffee is fantastic! Not only is it fresh and delicious, it celebrates women entrepreneurs from bean to bag. I feel much better about my purchase power now that I've subscribed to the monthly delivery. It's also my go-to present for friends and family- and they rave every time. Enjoy!"

– LAUREN, Anchorage AK