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Our mission is to promote, support, and empower female farmers and women in the coffee industry through sharing their delicious coffee.

why female farmers

Across the globe, women face disparities compared to men, particularly in terms of access to training, financial support, and wages. The coffee industry is no exception to this challenge. Our commitment lies in advocating for women by sharing, promoting, and celebrating their work. Through these efforts, we aspire to enhance their earning potential for the coffee they produce, fostering a more sustainable financial foundation for their endeavors. Join us in supporting and empowering women in the coffee industry through these transformative initiatives.

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As Swelter Coffee grows, we’ll be pursuing direct partnerships with women-led farms and organizations to help support access to training, financing, and other needed resources. We currently are contributing $1 for every bag sold to Bean Voyage, to support their great work in helping women producers in Latin America.

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Good coffee is dependent on sustaining our planet. We are constantly looking for ways we can have a positive impact as we grow.

We pledge 1% for the Planet. This is a commitment that a minimum of 1% of profits are contributed to projects to help our planet.

We launched the Zero Waste Coffee Club. This is a new type of subscription that delivers quality coffee to your door without packaging waste.

All our shipping is carbon neutral through our shipping partner Sendle.

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Swelter Coffee Roasters is located in the El Cerrito, California, roasting small batches of specialty coffee at CoRo Coffee, a co-roasting space in West Berkeley. Our coffee is currently available online nationally, and in some local Bay Area shops. For wholesale opportunities for your store, cafe, or business, please get in touch!


Founder & Roaster

Stephanie Welter-Krause

Roasting coffee has been a growing hobby turned passion. After trying to roast coffee beans in my apartment oven back in 2013, I was hooked. I love exploring new beans and coming back to ones I’ve roasted in years past. Swelter Coffee focuses on supporting women farmers –promoting sustainability, gender equity, and female empowerment.

Outside of Swelter Coffee, I am a visual designer focused on supporting sustainability and social responsibility, and I’m also a mom to a little girl. I want to show her she can grow to do anything she puts her blood, sweat, and tears into.

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