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Good coffee is dependent on sustaining our planet. We are constantly looking for ways we can have a positive impact on our planet through taking care of our people in our supply chain, and minimizing the waste we leave behind.


All our coffee bags and labels are compostable. Compostable packaging is a great option for folks who have access to composting, either through their municipality, back yard, or a local service.

However, most of the U.S. does not have access to composting, so their compostable waste still ends up in landfill. Organic waste in landfill is a big contribution to GHG, but we felt it's still important to push for alternatives to plastic packaging. This is also why we launched the Zero Waste Coffee Club.

we pledge 1% for the planet

We pledge 1% for the Planet. This is a commitment that a minimum of 1% of profits are contributed to projects to help our planet.

Carbon neutral shipping

For all our shipping we partner with Sendle. They offset all shipping miles to achieve carbon neutral by contributing to environmental friendly initiatives.

cutting down on waste

There are lots of ways to create waste in a business, so we're constantly looking for ways to cut down, while staying productive.

Packaging & bean waste

We roast to order for the most part so we don't have extra beans sitting around getting old, or packaging that isn't used. When we do have bags of beans that are past their prime, we offer them at 1/3rd of the cost to TooGoodToGo customers.

Cutting out the packaging

To offer a truly waste-free options for customers, we launched the Zero Waste Coffee Club, the first of its kind - that we know of!

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