Grand Gift Pack
Grand Gift Pack
Grand Gift Pack
Grand Gift Pack

Grand Gift Pack

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Origin Lilly + Dumerso + AMUCC

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This gift pack includes 3 (8oz) bags of single origin coffees, a limited edition Swelter Coffee tote bag, and select artisan chocolates from local chocolatier Elle Cowen. Learn more about Elle here:

Dumerso’s Ethiopia: Medium-light roast
Tasting Notes: Cocoa, citrus, orange blossom

Lilly's Guatemala: Medium roast
Tasting Notes: Hibiscus, cranberry, dark chocolate

AMUCC's Colombia: Medium-dark roast
Tasting Notes: Hazelnut, caramel, cherry liqueur

Caldas' Decaf Colombia: Medium roast
Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, honeydew, nutty



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